Setup & Installation

Supernova Studio supports macOS 10.13+.

The installation is very easy - just download it from our website and unzip the contents to the Applications folder. Optionally, run the unzipped Supernova Studio application from anywhere and you'll be asked to move it there automatically. You can run Supernova Studio from any folder, but automatic updates will only work inside the Applications folder - so we strongly recommend you do that as we are improving Supernova constantly with each new version.

After the initial launch, you'll be asked to create an account - this is both your Studio and Cloud account, where you can manage your licenses, your team, and other account-specific things. Create an account (either through normal registration or through Google sign-in) and you are all set!

System Requirements

In general, we try to make Supernova run as efficiently as possible and it can run on quite literally any machine running the required macOS version. Here are some suggested requirements to make it run well:

Supported systems: macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 (experimental)
Minimum RAM: 4GB, ideally 8GB+
Minimum CPU / GPU: Runs on any machine

More powerful CPU increases the speed of imports while A better GPU makes the preview and editor load and feel faster and snappier. We also recommend at least a 13'' screen size, but running on smaller devices is also possible (using smaller screens can get challenging when using several modes at the same time, like animation timeline and real-time code generation.

Configuring Exporters

We strongly recommend that you configure Studio to your liking before you start any serious work in it - especially the exporters. To do that, select "Preferences..." from the "Supernova Studio" menu and you'll find very extensive settings for each platform that closely mirrors configuration of your IDE.

You can find more about the customization options in platform-specific sections of this documentation - (iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter).

Configuring export environments

Some functionality within Supernova, like simulators, requires installation of developer tools before it can be used. Below you'll find the list of required components and how to install them if you don't have them already.