Supernova provides a wide array of prototyping tools that allow you to bring your designs to life. While the prototyping options are similar to best-in-class options to other prototyping tools out there, Supernova gives you the added value of backing everything you do in production code.

This results in doing work that you don't have to throw away. It is, therefore, a bit funny to call the final product a prototype because you are always creating production-ready pieces. Using Supernova for "prototyping" can save you hundreds of hours of work that you'd otherwise have to recreate again when you start implementing.


Create once.. Use everywhere

Supernova is built as a platform-agnostic system. Every animation, navigation connection or any other prototyping element is always created using the same, familiar interface. However, the output for different platforms differs greatly.

Supernova always outputs native elements and implementations - you are never bound to any 3rd party frameworks, unless absolutely necessary (for example, some animation operations are not supported in React Native - so we use external, industry-accepted solutions for that).

Prototyping options

Supernova is currently focused on UI prototyping with more options planned down the road. You can "prototype" nearly everything you can imagine in the following areas:

  • Layout - Fully responsive apps with the help of our Starlight engine
  • Navigation - Both screen-to-screen and tabbed navigation options
  • Animations - Both macro and micro-animations using integrated animation editor
  • User Dialogs - Interaction windows for messages, information or confirmation alerts
  • Localizations - Automatic or manual localization to 30 languages
  • Live Mode - Fully testable, production-ready components that behave exactly as you'd expect

What’s Next

Pick what you think will make your app the most awesome and dive in!