Importing from Adobe XD

Importing from Adobe XD is as easy as selecting the Adobe XD file you want to become an app, and choosing import option in Supernova (either on the welcome screen or File > Import Design... from the top menu). While layers in Adobe XD are completely different from components in Supernova, our smart importer makes the transformation a breeze.

You'll find the list of supported and unsupported features below.

Supported features

Supernova supports most of the Adobe XD features out of the box. That being said, some features in Sketch are built for pure designs with no regard to actual usage whatsoever - for example, it is impossible to represent radial gradients inside apps without converting them to assets first.

Fortunately, Supernova handles every feature exactly as it would be handled by a real developer - in the example above, radial gradients are automatically converted to assets, properly clipped and sized to fit the container. Below you'll find a list of all features in Sketch and how Supernova handles them.

  • Vectors - Fully supported
  • Shapes - Fully supported
  • Shape groups - Fully supported
  • Boolean operations - Fully supported
  • Colors - Fully supported
  • Gradients - Fully supported. Radial gradients will be converted to assets
  • Fills - Fully supported. Multiple fills will either get merged to one (in case of multiple colors which are then blended together) or will be represented by multiple views with a single fill each
  • Groups - Fully supported
  • Texts - Fully supported, parameters will get recalculated to match how apps represent attributes such as line-height - Adobe XD uses its own internal text rendering that doesn't follow any known system
  • Bitmaps - Fully supported
  • Symbols - Fully supported*
  • Symbol overrides - Fully supported*
  • Text Styles - Fully supported**
  • Color Styles - Fully supported**
  • Text decorations - Partially supported. Underline and strikethrough options are not supported yet
  • Libraries - Both local and remote options are fully supported

  • Symbol Support

While symbols are fully visually supported, Supernova imports them as separate objects with all the overrides already applied.


** Style Support

While styles are fully visually supported, Supernova immediately applies them to components in their atomic form and removes the styles.

Unsupported features

There are some features that are intentionally not supported. Specifically:

  • Layout - rules are not applied precisely to components, because Supernova layout has more extensive options than Sketch and the Starlight layout inference engine produces far superior results on import. We strongly recommend you do the layout in Supernova instead of Sketch.
  • Navigation - navigation is ignored because hotspots have no analog in the development world. Instead, all navigation connections always originate from an action or real element - a button, navigation bar, etc. As in the case of layout, we strongly recommend you use Supernova instead - it provides you with a more extensive array of tools to create navigation seamlessly.
  • Rotation - Rotation is only supported on assets, rotation on components is not supported
  • Texts in masks - Not supported, texts will be ignored

What’s Next

Learn how to enhance your designs with advanced prototyping features like layouts, navigation, animations, and more