Exporting for Production

We are building Supernova with the production code in mind. Every feature you'll encounter in Supernova is backed by a production code and so there is no work wasted - ever.

Once you've gone through all the steps like import, prototyping, turned all the design components to live ones, implemented user navigation and added some oomph with our animation editor , it is time to export the project to production code.

Supernova supports the following output platforms: Flutter, iOS, Android, and React Native. If you want to see a full example of what Supernova is capable of, we've published some on our GitHub page.

Deep dive

There are multiple areas of export, with all of them being impossible to fit into a single document. We have split the export guideline into multiple areas, pick what interest you the most!

  • Prerequisites - Learn about what is needed to configure before all exporters can be used
  • Project Configuration - Learn about how to properly configure the project for each platform
  • Extracting Assets - Learn about how Supernova extracts and exports the assets for you
  • Export Modes - Learn about which modes can be used to export
  • Real-time Code Generation - Learn about how to use the CodeX, our real-time code generation engine
  • Code Examples - Learn Code examples for all platforms!

Invoking Export

Other than real-time code generation, you can also export projects to your file system by using the export option located at the Top Menu > File > Export to [platform] or through Toolbar > Export.

Exporting to platform requires you to select the platform firstExporting to platform requires you to select the platform first

Exporting to platform requires you to select the platform first