Design Editor

The design editor is at the very heart of the Supernova Studio workflow. While Supernova Studio is not a design tool, it allows you to tweak every behavior of every selectable component - it even allows you to add new ones if needed. The only limitation as of now is that you can't edit assets.

Supernova always shows one screen at a time - if you need to switch to another one, select it from the screen panel or use the arrows on the left or right side of the design editor view.

You can zoom in and out using the zoom gestures or using keyboard shortcuts cmd + and cmd -. You can also scroll (if the screen content is too long) using a swipe gesture. You can select components by tapping on them and you can drag them around or move them using arrow left / right / top / down.

There are currently two distinct design editor modes - edit and preview. In edit mode, everything is an editable component, similar to using other design tools. In preview mode, your application switches to a real simulation and you can play around with it as you would when using a device.

What’s Next

Next, learn about the differences between edit mode and live preview